All students are required to go through this section thoroughly and be sure to satisfy all requirements necessary to be able to take this course


BEACON INSTITUTE OF SURVEYING ENGINEERING AND MAPPING is a Land and Engineering Surveying Institution meant to expose students to the rudiments of land surveying and Mapping. It is located at West Adenta, Accra, Ghana.


The School produces graduates with Certificates in Land surveying and Geo-Information Technology and Higher National Diploma in Land Surveying and Geo-Information Technology.



A. Certificate in Land Surveying and Geo-Information Technology;

Passes in any THREE (3) subjects but including at least one of English, and Mathematics, Science or Social Studies Electronics, Technical Drawing.

B. HND in Land Surveying and Geo-Information Technology;

  1. Credit Pass in three(3) subjects; English language, Mathematics and Integrated Science.
  2. Credit Passes in elective subjects; Extended or Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry or Integrated Science

However, any of the following is acceptable in place of Chemistry; Geography, Electronics, and Technical Drawing.


Students in the program are thereafter expected to take up all mandatory courses in addition to two compulsory electives for graduation.

  1. Credits Requirements; Pass mark for any course is 40% and a cumulative weighted average (CWA) mark of 45% shall be required at the end of each year, otherwise a student is put on probation. (All students are informed of this requirement adequately in the Student Guide).
  2. To graduate, students must have passed all required courses and achieved a minimum cumulative weighted average (CWA) of 45%.
  • Any additional requirements for graduation: The minimum number of credit hours required for students to graduate in Engineering is 140 credit hours (which include lecture time, practical work, and project. Two hours of field/laboratory practical works are equivalent to one credit hour). 


  1. Students’ performance and achievement: All first-year students are made aware of the student assessment mode within one week of entry.
  2. The end of the Semester examination is weighted 60% and continuous assessment is also weighted 40%   of the total marks on the course.
  • Mode of certification: The Examination Board members meet at the end of every Semester to discuss Examination results after which the Examination Board members approves the results.
  • The certificate awarding institution: NABTEX


Places, where students are likely to be employed, include but are not limited to the following:

  1. All sectors that use geospatial information directly or indirectly. These include all Land Sector agencies such as Ministries of Lands and Natural Resources and Affiliated departments and agencies, Ministry of Environment and all agencies, Ministry of Local Government and all agencies, Departments and Agencies; Road and Highways sectors; All utility companies such as Electricity Company, GridCo, VRA, Ghana Water Company, Telecommunication companies;  the Banking sector; Mineral Exploration and Mining companies; Oil exploration and distribution companies; the Health sector for GIS and Database Management, all Development-Oriented organizations (World Vision, UNDP, etc.); the construction and Housing industry and indeed all sectors that require Geo-Spatial information and management.
  2. Graduates from our program are mostly ready to be integrated with minimal orientation into the Industry due to the hands-on nature of the course.
  3. Students could be employed by various Licensed Surveyors in Ghana(Licensed Surveyors Association of Ghana-LiSAG)


We set our priorities right to ensure that our students get the best.

The first thing to do

The first thing to do is to check eligibility and qualification criteria in the requirement section on the Admission page and register if qualified

The second thing to do

Secondly, choose a desired course, download the form, fill it out, and submit it to the Administration for processing.

Last thing to do

Now you can join, connect with people in the field of Surveying and develop your career by learning.

Find us

+233 54432 3538

+233 24406 7365

No.2 NII Kodia Street West-Adenta Accra-Ghana

SDA Junction, Accra

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Yes, we invite applications from all qualified students locally and internationally. All foreign students MUST apply for their permits and satisfy all regulatory requirements to be able to stay and take this course.

YES, so far as you have passes in English, Mathematics, and Science you are good to enroll

Students without good passes in Mathematics are eligible to start with 2 years Certificate course in Land and Geo-Information Technology where their Mathematics will be polished during the course.

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